Band Camp Day 1 Tentative schedule

Band Camp Day 1


8am- All in band room. Introductions, goals/spirit days, show information/uniforms.

8:30am- Music Block (due to rain)

                Guard- Band Room

                Drums- Orchestra

                WWs- Makeup Room

                Brass- Black Box

                Front Ensemble- Choir Room

                Breathing/9ct air/8ct air- W/mark time and step outs

9:00am- Note length exercise- discuss note lengths/tonguing syllable- practice through eighth notes

9:20am- Stagger Breathing exercise- separate into 4 groups- then mix up groups

9:40am- Flexibility (1 and 2 for Brass)

10:00am- Dynamic Exercise- p cresc to FF 8cts. Decres 8cts back to p. 80bpm- sustain/stagger breathe

10:15am- Split into section leader sectionals (students will need to find a spot in the school) Work part 1 tough sections Slowly!

11:00am- Return to Rooms- Hit chunks of part 1

11:30am Lunch

1:00pm- Visual block P/T

1:30pm- Basics Block/posture exercise

1:45pm- Position exercise

2:00pm- 50/50 exercise Forwards only

2:30pm- HABT exercise

3:00pm- 8 and 4s forward

3:30pm- 50/50 backwards only- 8 and 4s backwards

4pm Dismiss