Student Announcements 7.17.19

Fundamental Days/Weapon Camp

Thursday/Friday 7/18-7/19- Required if you are in town

Attire: Rehearsal clothing

Plan to be indoors, bring water.

Check the calendar for section times!!

We will be playing our instruments! Plan accordingly.

Band Camp starts MONDAY 7.22!!

Monday 07/22/19 is the OFFICIAL start of band camp!! I just wanted to post a few things to help prepare you for camp in the coming days. 

-GO OUTSIDE- This is one of the easiest ways you can help prepare for some of the heat and humidity you will be dealing with. Spend some time outside. Walk the Crystal Bridges trails. Do some easy physical activity outdoors so being outside won't be such a shock. 

-Drink water- This weekend start to drink lots of water. We will give you plenty of water breaks but your body needs time to hydrate. Sunday night drink plenty of water to prepare for Monday. 

-Play your instrument- For those of you not attending Fundamental camps because you are out of town make sure you pick up your horn this weekend and play something on your instrument. 

-Below is a list of things you should bring with you to band camp on Monday. 

• Instrument (and mouthpiece/reeds)

• binder and sheet protectors (for your music)

• Water jug (provided by Boosters for new students and Freshmen)

• Tennis shoes • White t-shirt (for band only)

• Shorts

• Hat (this will help keep the sun out of your eyes/off your head) 

• Sunscreen (we cannot provide you with sunscreen)

• Sunglasses

• An awesome attitude!


This year is going to be an AMAZING year. The show is awesome and we have an incredible amount of talent this year. Be ready to work!!

Online PE

In order to receive credit for PE you must be enrolled in the online class and signed up for that google classroom. Please email if you have any questions.

All Announcements below are from your drum majors, captains, and section leaders.

Band Camp Spirit Days!

New this year!! You may wear rehearsal clothing or one spirit clothing. Keep in mind that it will be HOT so please don’t wear anything that will hinder your ability to be outside. Thank you Leadership for your ideas!

Monday 7/22 – Crazy Hat Day

Tuesday 7/23 – Tropical Tuesday

Wednesday 7/24 – Western Wednesday

Thursday 7/25 – Christmas in July

Friday 7/26 – Grade Level Color Day (Sr – Navy, Jr – Red/Pink, Soph – Green, Fr – Yellow/Gold)

Monday 7/29 – Funky Sock Day

Tuesday 7/30 – Tutu Tuesday!

Wednesday 7/31 – Pirate Day

Thursday 8/1 – Tie-Dye Thursday

Friday 8/2 – Superhero Day

Leadership Goals for Band Camp

The band leadership met today and created goals they would like all students to work towards during band camp. By Aug. 2nd leadership would like everyone to be able to accomplish the following.

  • Memorize Part 1 @130bpm and Flexibility @80bpm

  • All Students can march with correct foot timing @130bpm

  • Learn how to proficiently read a coordinate sheet

  • Learn everyone’s name in your section

  • Put 1 misplaced item in its rightful place each day

  • Put all of your things in your locker everyday

  • Introduce yourself to 1 new person each day

Things to know about band camp (starts 7.22)

Leadership would like to offer a few words of advice for band camp!

  • Start drinking good amounts of water 2 Days before camp

  • Sunscreen (not tanning spray)

  • Hats required, sunglasses encouraged

  • Ask for Help when you need it! Ask a vet/section leader, then captain, then drum major, lastly a director!

  • Wear Comfortable/proper attire – White T-Shirt, Athletic Shorts, Tennis Shoes.

  • No one is perfect, just have a good mindset

  • Respect your instrument

  • Respect your peers

  • Come with a positive attitude

  • Bring your music, pencil, and binder with sheet protectors!

  • Participate in spirit days!

  • If you have an issue/problem, or can’t make it to practice, text your section leader and email Ortiz

  • Make friends outside of your section

  • Eat something BEFORE practice! Apples, granola bars, etc.

  • Be on time!!! Don’t show up @ the time of practice, get there before!

  • SLEEP!!! Get to bed early!!!

  • Listen to your leaders, they’re trying their best too.

  • Be quiet during rehearsal

  • No phones during rehearsal!

  • Have a positive social media presence when it comes to band/members

  • Respect other’s time outside of rehearsal, communicate during the day.

  • Always do your best!

  • Have fun!