Reminders for color guard and band

Color Guard

Weapons Only Camp Starts next week from 10am-2pm!

Band Camp starts July 22nd!! All are required to attend. Those not in attendance for band camp and without any communication to Mr. Ortiz will be removed from the team. No exceptions.

Please check the calendar at for all practices.

Mr. Page would like anyone who doesn’t have a rifle to order a 36in white Elite rifle with a leather strap. You can order them on amazon or any online band store.


Leadership Meeting is Wednesday July 17th from 9am to 12pm.

Fundamentals Camp is Thursday July 18th and Friday July 19th. Required if you are in town. Check the calendar for your sections times.

Band Camp starts July 22nd! All are required to attend! Check the calendar for times.

Announcement for all

This Saturday July 13th we will be needing volunteers to work on the hallway and rooms in the fine arts area. 9-noon

Saturday July 20th we will be cleaning the semi trailer and will need volunteers. 10am-noon

Walmart is generously giving $10/hour to any non-profits who have people volunteer. The more people who show up to help the more the band will earn! Anyone who volunteers is eligible!