Online PE Announcements! IMPORTANT


Please have your band students sign up for Google Classroom and Remind.

All students will be under the same codes. All grades will be calculated through Google Classroom gradebook. I will then transfer this to each students transcript at the conclusion of the class.

Google Classroom code 9tb8y6

Remind code @bandpeon

The syllabus is below: Band PE Online (Summer/Fall 2019) Course Syllab...

The weekly module plan is below:

Module 1 (July 15-22)

(Before Band camp starts)


Hydration, Flexibility, Heat Illness

Record Data 1: Flexibility

Module 2 (July 22-29)

(Week 1 of Band Camp)


Risk Factors, Health/Skill Related Fitness, Reflection on band practice, Personal Goal setting

Module 3 (July 29-August 5)

(Week 2 of Band Camp)


Muscular Fitness

Record Data 2: Flexibility & Muscular (Chest, Core)

Module 4 (August 5-12)

(Normal "after-school" band schedule starts)


Stress, Common Injuries

Module 5 (August 12-19)


Nutrition, First Aid/CPR, BMI recording

Module 6 (August 19-26)


Exercise safety, Drug Dangers, Peer interaction in physical activity.

Record Data 3: Flexibility & Muscular (Chest, Core)

If you have any questions please let me know,

Michael Power

Head Boys XC & Track Coach

9-12 Health/PE

Bentonville High School

1801 SE J Street
Bentonville, Arkansas 72712