Palen consultant opportunity for parents.

Palen Music Center needs help with instrument rental nights!

The “job description” is:

  • Attend a training session on how to rent instruments.

Training sessions (REQUIRED – even if you trained last year)
Tuesday, August 6th from 6 to 8 PM at the Springdale Palen store.
Thursday, August 8th from 6 to 8 PM at the Springdale Palen store.

**We can set-up an in-school training session for Booster clubs**

You are required to complete one training, but it is preferred that you attend both if possible.

  • Arrive on time to the rental display location.

  • Help set up the rental display area.

  • Rent instruments one-on-one to customers.

  • Help tear down the rental display area.

They will pay the band boosters $9.00 per consultant per hour worked. Most of the sessions will be 6 hour blocks. That would put $54 in your student’s account for each night worked. Three nights plus training could get you $198 for your student’s account! You can pick and choose and work the dates that fit. Palen takes care of the transportation to and from these schools. I think this is a great way to earn money for student accounts instead of selling frozen food. This will be a recurring opportunity next year as well! If you are interested in taking advantage of this, please email Amy Hinkson at She will email you a Google Doc to fill out that lists your availability.  You will then receive a schedule that lets you know what dates they will need your help.  If you have any questions about rental nights, please email or call Amy (479) 387-4820.

Consultants from BWHS who helped last year are listed below.  Feel free to discuss with them to see if this is something you would be interested in.

Kristen Phillips

Trish Peterson

Yeyry Perez

Ruben Perez

Tracy Easter

Jimmy Easter