PE Credit for Marching Band

We are excited to announce that marching band/color guard will now qualify as your PE credit to graduate! We are working with Online PE to overlap a “Homegrown” course with summer marching band. This will allow students enrolled in the summer online class to learn about the physical education and health directly associated with what we are already doing in summer band! More information below…

  • The course will be free for Marching Band Students and most of the physical education will be what we have already been doing for summer band.

  • The class will take place during the summer and will NOT take one of your course requests for the fall.

  • All Freshman in marching band will be enrolled in the course to receive their PE credit.

  • You do not have to take the online course if you do not need the credit.

  • Students MUST be in summer marching band and marching band in order to receive credit. Exemption students will NOT be enrolled in the online PE course and will not receive credit as they do not participate in marching band.

If you have any questions please let me know.