Volunteer Positions for Major Contests

The following are positions that will need to be filled for all major contests.

All Volunteer Positions get free admission to event and meals covered.

Chaperones must ride the bus.

Transportation not provided for non-chaperones.

St. Louis- All except Pit Crew will have lodging covered

Chaperones-8 (2 per bus)- https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e054ba5ac23a7fc1-major

Truck Drivers- 2 People (flatbed Truck)

Semi-Truck Drivers (preferably 2-CDL required)

Meal Coordinator- 1


Pit Crew- 8- https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E054BA5AC23A7FC1-2018

To be considered to chaperone or for pit crew click the links

See below for brief description of duties.

Chaperone Duties

Ride the bus, supervise kids, help push equipment, help serve food, etc..


Flatbed Truck Drivers

Drive flatbed truck, help unload truck at contests, and help build props.


Semi-Truck Drivers

Drive Semi-Truck


Meal Coordinator

Set-up and coordinate band feeds for that day. Help Serve. Be sure any band feed equipment needed is taken care of.



Take pictures and video. Document the event, post on social media. Live stream performance for those not in attendance, when possible.


Prop Unloaders/Pit Crew

Transportation and lodging not provided. Free admission to events. Help unload, put props together. Help push drum major podiums and front ensemble equipment.