Last Minute Chicago Info from Mr. Mays

What to bring: 

1.       Toiletries (tooth brush etc…).  Remember, we are only in the hotel on Friday night, so please shower and deodorant up before the concert tomorrow!

2.       Concert dress will be worn to the concert (all black) – We will change into casual clothes before we load the bus.  Please bring a hanger to hang your clothes or fold them nicely.  We will keep our concert dress clothes on the bus (not under the bus).  We will change back into them after lunch on Friday.

3.       Casual clothes for Saturday (Maybe orchestra t-shirts and band shirts).  C

4.       Comfortable walking shoes and a light jacket.  There will be a lot of walking and it may be a little chilly.

5.       Snacks for the road if you would like. 

6.       Your instruments and music.

7.       A Pillow-Charging stuff for your devices.  You are responsible for securing your device.  The bus will be locked when we are not on board.

8.       Any necessary medications must be checked in with the nurse and dispensed by a teacher on the trip.

9.       Extra money for 2 meals and anything else that you want to buy.

If there are any specific things you need, please contact your director.

Don’t bring stupid things that don’t belong on a trip like this.  There is a long list.  If you can’t have it at school, it can’t be on the trip.  All bags will be checked before boarding the bus.


When you arrive for the concert, please bring your bags to the following locations:

Orchestra:  Choir Room                                 Band:  Band Room


After the concert, you should change clothes, and we will begin loading the bus.


I know we will have an awesome trip!  Please represent BWHS in the best way you can at all times. 



Mr. Mays