2018 AMP Concert Information


Below is an email received from the AMP Coordinator:

Greetings families and students.

We are getting close to the start of the 2018  AMP Concert Season.  The season kicks off April 28th with BRANTLEY GILBERT.
Before we get started on actual concerts there are a number of things to do to prepare for the season.

The first is to create the 2018 Volunteer Email List.

Everyone receiving this email was on the list last year.  I need to create the email list for 2018.

1st Response Requested for this season:

Please email me back at the following email address IF you want to be on the email list for this coming season.  If you do not reply you will stop getting emails regarding the AMP concerts after 4/15/18.

The 2018 email address is:




This will be the email address for all correspondence for 2018.  

The email address, 2018bpsampvolunteers@gmail.com, will be deleted and no longer in use effective 4/15/18.

When emailing me at 2018BPSAMPVOLUNTEERS@gmail.com please provide the following information if you are planning on  or interested in working concessions at AMP concerts this season:


  • Name (I need your first and last name for concert security lists so no nicknames or email names)
  • Email address (please provide separate email addresses if you want multiple people in your family to receive emails-Separate emails must include first and last names of person associated with email.  
  • Name(s) of student(s) you will be working for this season
  • Name of school the student will be in this fall 2018
  • Any additional information you want to share with me


I will be sending out emails over the next couple of weeks with more information.  In addition, please plan on attending your schools next Booster Meeting and I will be available to answer questions there as well.


Thanks for all your support of this program and looking forward to this season at the AMP.