Email from Kristen Black To Seniors about Senior Night

Hello, fellow parents of BWHS Band Seniors!

I can't believe it's time to begin closing the door on our last year of marching band with our amazing kids! With that comes the annual Senior Night and their chance to shine individually. Because we will not be in town for the fall sports senior night at the last football game, we are holding our own Senior Night this Saturday, October 21. It will be held at 8:00 PM at Wolverine Stadium. The students will have a practice beforehand, and at 8:00 we will start the night's program. The seniors will get their walk on the field and an introduction with you as their escorts, then the band will perform their entire show as a send-off performance before St. Louis next week. The entire community is invited to this free event. Feel free to invite everyone you know! If you check our band Facebook page, there is an event you can share on social media.

Here are the details for you as parents and escorts. 

* Your child has been emailed a Google Form to complete. This will allow them to personalize their introduction. Please have them complete it by tomorrow night. The link to the form is at

* You do not have to walk with your child; the escort selection is up to your family

* The students will be in their band uniforms. We will have a photographer there to take your group picture on the field after your child is introduced. You may wear whatever you'd like, be it dressy, casual, or West spirit gear. This is your special night also!

* Please arrive at Wolverine Stadium by 7:30 so we can get everyone in place before the program begins. I will have a table set up by the concession stand to check you in.

I think that's it -- it's always a simple but sentimental event. I will even have a box of tissues on my table. I know I'll need them and I'm happy to share! :)
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you!

Kristen Black Cell: 479-640-6658