Tuesday Rehearsals

Good Morning!! Quick announcement. 

The BWHS football team has graciously allowed us to use the BWHS football stadium every Tuesday! This is an incredible opportunity for us because it helps us experience a real performance environment both musically and visually. We can see and hear from the judges point of view, which is something we can not do at our practice field. The availability of the stadium is a HUGE deal for us and as a result we will be moving the time for ALL of our Tuesday rehearsals starting next week from our normal 4:15-7pm to 6pm-9pm. This will be for all of our tuesday rehearsals.

Students will be allowed to stay in the band room after-school if they wish, work with others on homework, or rest before rehearsal. We will also open all Tuesday rehearsals to all parents who wish to stop by and watch the progress of the 2017 Program. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.