Pride of Bentonville Schedule and Pep Rally Monday

All BWHS band students should report to the band room at 8:30am. We will warm-up and prepare for the pep-rally that is 1st period. Zero B students can leave early from class. You will need to ask your teacher for permission to leave. Your teachers will receive an email they can refer to if needed. All Band students including those with exemptions will play in the pep-rally. Please have flip-folders ready!! We will work on getting you small copies of the new fight song. Guard and others who did not receive a white band shirt will get one first thing tomorrow morning. If you ride the bus just report to the band room when you arrive.


Saturday is our performance for the "Pride of Bentonville" the schedule of events is attached below. The itinerary for Saturday will be posted soon. 


Parents! We really need your help filling the concession stand with volunteers. We agreed to staff the concession stand with 50% of volunteers with BHS. Let's make this happen!! Sign up at the link.


Have a great first day of school tomorrow!!