AMP still needs volunteers for 5.13.17

Credit you earn working at the AMP can be applied to Fall Band fees.

To sign up: - please e-mail  with “GOOSEBUMPS” in the subject line.

Need at least five (5) more volunteers for Saturday's Concert 5/13/17.  Really need help from our BWHS students, parents and families.  All junior high parents and adult family members and friends can work too so please consider sending me an email that you can work this Saturday.  All you Colorguard/Winter Guard students and families; please consider as the credit you earn working at the AMP can be applied to Fall Colorguard and Winterguard agreements.  If you know some guard families that are not signed up to receive these emails, please forward to them.

This is going to be a fully staffed concert of 30-33 volunteers.  This is the same evening as the Bentonville High School Band Banquet.  We really need BWHS, our Jr. High parents, Winter Guard HS students and parents and everyone's families NOT attending the BHS Banquet to sign up.  

To sign up: - please e-mail  with “GOOSEBUMPS” in the subject line.  We will not accept replies to the email; your request to work must identify the correct title in the subject line. This makes sorting quicker, easier and lessens the potential of staffing mistakes.  In the body of the e-mail please include your name, any other workers, the student you are working for, and the school that they will be attending next fall.  Current students enrolled in High School are eligible to work at the AMP.  Rising junior high students will become eligible to work after their first day of school their 9th grade year.  ALL band parents of high school and junior high school students, adult family members (high school freshman and older) and friends are eligible to work.  Concession food is available for purchase at half price (cash only); sodas are full price (cash or card). Work hours are normally 4:45/5:45 - 10:30/11:30
Sign-ups will be on a first come basis and worker volunteers will be notified via e-mail of their acceptance.  I will also keep a list of alternates who will be notified if they are needed to work the event.  All the rules and regulations of the AMP and your responsibilities and requirements will be included in the emails notifying you that you have been slated to work the concert.
Please let me know if you have any questions and get ready for a GREAT SUMMER AT THE AMP!

TRAVIS SCOTT                                                       5/13/17                Saturday