Marching Band Audition Results

All names posted on these lists will travel both on Fridays and to contests on Saturdays. They will attend all rehearsals and will have a spot on the field on Fridays. If your name is not posted on either list it is because you turned in an exemption form. If your name is not posted and you did not turn in an exemption form and are still planning on being in band please email me at 


Friday Performers- will march pregame, halftime, and travel on saturdays

Click here for Friday performer results


Friday and Saturday Performers- These students will march pregame, halftime, and saturday contests. NOTE: 1 clarinet will be asked to switch to bass clarinet.

Click here for Friday and Saturday performer results.


ALL STUDENTS (even exemptions) will be required to sign a contract. Contracts will be posted and sent out soon. 

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Albert Ortiz