Marching Band Clinics/Auditions

I am so excited to start the 2017 version of the Wolverine Marching Band!!

Rising 9th graders, many of you are about to learn many new things. Approach it all with an open mind and with the knowledge that everyone starts exactly where you are starting. You will learn many new skills, make new friends, and make many great memories. I promise all your hard work will pay off in the end. =

Current BWHS Band Members, you are all now veterans of the band program. Each of you has the experience and knowledge to be a leader. Introduce yourself to a freshman and help them through the difficulties of learning something knew and being in a new environment. LEAD BY EXAMPLE, be friendly and welcome the newest members of the BWHS Wolverine Marching Band!


Albert Ortiz, Erich Spaeth


Dates: Monday May 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th

Time: 4:30pm-6:30pm (if you have transportation issues please communicate if you are going to be late)

What to wear: WHITE T-shirt (any WHITE t-shirt is fine), athletic shorts and tennis shoes

Bring: water bottle, instrument (percussion and tubas do not need to bring their instrument)

Location: BWHS (exact location will be sent through remind once we have confirmation)

ALL students enrolled in band class next year MUST attend each day of the Marching Band Clinics. They are REQUIRED. You must notify one of the BWHS Band Directors if you have a conflict. (2017 color guard is excused from clinic)

Students who qualify to be exempt from the competitive marching band requirements (IN-SEASON BWHS sport, 4 or more AP Classes) still have to attend the clinics. Forms to declare exemption will be made available in the coming days. 

Double Reed instruments- you may choose to participate in Percussion or the instrument you played before you switched. 

Questions? Email or