All Region Band Results!

Congrats to the following JH/9th Grade students on making the 2017 ASBOA Region VI All-Region Band!!

JH Oboe
Kailey Hrencecin- 1st band, 3rd Chair

JH Flute
Julliana Renales- 2nd band, 3rd Chair

JH Clarinet
Sabina Beltran- 1st band, 10th Chair
Lexi Miller- 2nd band, 13th Chair
Lindsey Bowers- 2nd band, 17th Chair
Chloe Robinson- 2nd band, 25th Chair
Selah Chambers- 1st Alternate

JH Bass Clarinet
Adriana Huezo- 2nd Band, 1st Chair

JH Tenor Sax
Phlip Reeves- 1st Band, 1st Chair

JH Trumpet
Jonathan Ewin- 1st Band, 7th Chair
Wyatt Burns- 2nd Band, 8th Chair
Austin Palmer- 2nd Band, 12th Chair

JH Horn
Kelly Reed- 1st Band, 2nd Chair
Louis Plaisance- 2nd Band, 1st Chair

JH Euphonium
Torin Hight- 1st Band, 5th Chair
Wyatt Ward- 1st Band, 6th Chair

JH Tuba
Chancellor Loken- 2nd Band, 3rd Chair
Raiden Bowman- 2nd Band, 5th Chair

JH Percussion
Josh Poyfair- 1st Band, 5th Chair
Garrett Irwin- 1st Band, 8th Chair
Ethan Bennett- 2nd Band, 5th Chair
Lynnzie Hart- 2nd Band, 12th Chair


Congrats to the following SH students on making the 2017 ASBOA Region VI All-Region Band!!

SH Flute
Kacey Sakamoto- 2nd Band, 2nd Chair
Alexis Vann- 2nd Band, 6th Chair
Grace Wright- 1st Alternate

SH Clarinet
Natalie Widdowson- 1st Band, 14th Chair, All-State Qualifier
Elizabeth Langreck- 2nd Band, 19th Chair

SH Bass Clarinet
Kaleigh Alwood- 1st Band, 1st Chair, All-State Qualifier
Sydney Yttri- 1st Alternate

SH Bari Sax
Andrew Metz- 2nd Alternate

SH Trumpet
Pending due to some errors

SH Trombone
Candice Hrencecin- 2nd band, 7th Chair

SH Tuba
Schuyler Dick- 1st Band, 6th Chair, All-State Qualifier

SH Percussion
Emily Shephard- 2nd Band, 10th Chair
Abby Mccain- 2nd Band, 11th Chair