All Region Band Auditions Itinerary

10th & 11th Grade should report to Lincoln Junior High at 10:00am

9th Grade should report to Lincoln Junior High at 12:00pm

Students may leave when they are done with the audition. 

10:00am Senior High cards handed out @ audition rooms
10:30 Senior High Music is posted @ audition room
11:00 Senior High Auditions Begin
12:00 JH/9th Cards are handed out in main lobby
12:30 JH/9th Music is posted in main lobby
1:00 Earliest time that Junior High/9th auditions will begin (auditions will start once SH is finished)

Room Assignments:
100: Trombone
102: French Horn
105: Trumpet Prepared
106: Trumpet Sight-reading/Scales
140: Saxophone Sight-reading/Scales
146: Saxophone Prepared
144: Clarinet Sight-reading/Scales
147: Clarinet Prepared
152: Flute Prepared
150: Flute Sight-reading/Scales
154: Double Reeds/Low Reeds
216: Euphonium/Tuba
241: Keyboard
232: Snare
233: Timpani
214: Emergency Instrument Repair
276: Director/Driver Hospitality

Audition Order for Shared Rooms:
Saxophone: Bari, Tenor, Alto
Tuba/Euphonium: Euphonium, Tuba
Percussion: Timpani, Keyboard, Snare
Dbl/Low Reeds: Bassoon, Oboe, Low Clar