Football Game Itinerary 9/16/16

Bentonville West vs. Muskogee

Attire: Navy T-shirt, compression shorts/sliders (athletic shorts to be worn over compression shorts/sliders when not in uniform) and Band Uniform. (There is a possibility we won’t have our uniforms. If anything changes I will update as needed)

3:55pm: Students will report to band room and eat (food will be provided), Percussion and tubas should load before eating.

5:00pm: Lined up in the band room dressed in half uniform

5:15pm: Depart for Tiger Stadium

6:00pm: Arrive at Tiger Stadium, unload, and warm-up.

6:40pm: Pregame Performance

7:00pm: Kick Off

End of Game: Percussion and tubas will load. All other students will line up to clean up the stands.

ALL STUDENTS will travel back to BWHS on the bus. This is to make sure all uniforms and equipment is put up.

Approx. 11:00pm: Students will put up uniforms and meet in the band room for dismissal


Let me know if you have any questions,


A Ortiz