Band Camp

Thank you so much to all of the parents and students who came out yesterday to help prep West for band camp!  We had over 20 volunteers come out, and we got so much done (and had a blast doing it). We are now ready to go!

Also, thank you to those who have already dropped off items from our list of band camp needs.  Please keep sending those items in.  Any extras we receive will be immediately redirected towards the marching season as soon as band camp ends. 

STUDENTS:  Don't forget band camp starts at 8am sharp tomorrow morning; you should arrive early so you are ready at 8am. 

*** The band room is located at the far left side of the school.  Make sure you are dropped off or park in the far left section of the front main parking lot. ***

We will be indoors in the morning and outside in the evening. Remember to wear a white shirt, athletic shorts, and tennis shoes. Wearing a hat is also a good idea to keep the heat off of your head. Wear sunblock for the evening. Water Coolers will be available for pick up when you arrive. Woodwind water coolers are taking 2 extra days to arrive but we will have water bottles and a large jug in the meantime. 

Polo Shirts will be available for pickup when you arrive. Just a reminder that you will need to wear khaki shorts for the grand opening on Friday the 29th. 

Get plenty of rest, make sure to eat a good breakfast, and even now, stay hydrated.  You're going to have a great two weeks! 

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