Fair Share Fee and Chocolate Fundraiser

The Wolverine Marching Band Fair share fee this year is $600. Details on what this fee covers and the payment plan can be found here as well as the color guard fair share letter (click here). Students will also receive this form tonight after clinic. Reminder: None of this has to be paid out of pocket. You CAN fundraise to pay off the entire fee. 

The Wolverine Band will be kicking off our "Worlds Finest Chocolate" Fundraiser starting Monday (Friday evening if we can get everything ready). Each Box has 60 bars at $1 each. Profit is about 50%. Each box you sell will go towards your student's individual account to help pay off the Band Fair Share Fee. In order to sell we must have this form on file (click here).

Also, If you haven't signed up for the Wal-Mart AMP emails here is the link. (click here). When you work an AMP event a portion of the donation will go towards your students individual account. The best part about the AMP is anyone (including the student) can work these events, even multiple people at one time, and it will all go towards your child's individual account.

See you tonight at Yum Yos!