Letter to all BWHS Band/Color Guard Parents

Good Morning Parents of the BWHS Band,

I wanted to take the time this morning to share some news with you regarding the Bentonville Band Booster Organization. The executive board decided yesterday to split from supporting both high schools to only supporting BHS and its feeders as designated. This decision means that the BWHS Band will be forming its own booster club (501(c)(3)) in an effort to support the BWHS Band and its feeders. The details of the split are still being worked out, however this is a decision that heavily impacts BWHS. The executive board is currently made up of BHS parents, this means unless West parents start being involved/asking questions decisions will be made without BWHS parent involvement. The split means dividing funds, DCI show involvement/profits and how concessions at Tiger Stadium will work for West home games.

What I need from all of you is to get the word out, go to booster meetings, ask questions about the details of the split, and start to get involved. Best thing we can do is start to get a group of parents together who would like to play a part in creating the new organization. A few of the BBB officers will be at the Meet and Greet Thursday to answer any questions you may have. Let me clarify, this is NOT being done maliciously or with intent to sabotage. They are here to help BWHS establish its booster club and provide any future officers with any support they may need.

We are already forming a committee for parents interested in being involved in the formation of the BWHS Band Booster Organization. The booster club can be anything we want it to be and organized in any way we like.

Danny Prejoles (BWHS Parent, daughter at LJHS 8th grade) has stepped up and is getting together contact info for parents who want to be involved.  Although, we don’t have many details yet it is important that we at least get a group together so we can move quickly when we are ready to take the next step. We can’t do this alone, we will need help making this happen. I know I can count on the BWHS parents to step up and make this happen.

Contact Info for Danny Prejoles: dprejoles@gmail.com


Feel free to forward this to any parents that you know will be attending West next year. Let’s get the word out!!

NEXT BBB GENERAL MEETING, Tuesday April 26th 6:30pm, BHS Band Room