Wolverine Band Boosters

Hi all!! Just an update that I should have sent out a long time ago. Last week was a huge step for the Wolverine Band Program. We had a BWHS Parent meeting and the Wolverine Band Boosters were formed!! 

Click here for official minutes.

Next WBB Meeting is Thursday April, 28th at 6pm in the Choir Room 1707.

Below is a letter from Danny Prejoles, Newly elected President of the Wolverine Band Boosters

Good afternoon, Wolverine parents!


We had a great turnout at the first ever meeting of West band and color guard parents.  We were joined by band director Mr. Ortiz, principal Mr. Guthrie, and BBB president Chris Wall.  Here’s a recap of key discussions we had…



After spending some time getting to know each other (and learning that A LOT of us wants to see the marching band do an 80s themed show), we got the opportunity to learn more about Mr. Ortiz, his history in band and teaching, and where he wants to take our kids through the band program at Bentonville West High School.  I think it’s safe to say that those of us who were there came out of the meeting feeling encouraged, energized and confident in Mr. Ortiz’s vision and plans for the band and color guard programs.  If you were not there last night, I highly recommend that you talk to someone who was.  I guarantee you’ll be pleased.


Superintendent’s concerns

The next portion of the evening addressed the concerns that the superintendent has regarding our current situation.  To summarize, there are three main points of concern:  West’s ability to fundraise due to the 501(c)(3) process, booster coverage of the feeder schools, and public perception of having two separate, school-dedicated booster organizations in the same district.  (Currently, band is the only extracurricular activity in the district that will have two separate boosters.)


Fundraising ability

The superintendent’s first concern was very well covered by BBB President Chris Wall.  He reiterated for the parents of Bentonville West that the split was not meant to cause any harm or difficulties for the Bentonville West program and that implied motives have been misinterpreted by many.  The intent of the BBB has been and still is to help West in our transition to forming and growing our own band booster organization.  They have offered to help train West parents in understanding the duties and responsibilities that we will have as volunteers.  But even more helpfully, Chris is going to talk to the BBB’s Executive Board about allowing us to have our donors use the BBB as the non-profit conduit of donating to us until we have gained our 501(C )(3) status from the IRS.  Under this setup, a donor would be able to write a check to the BBB, earmark the donation to be given specifically for our booster, and the BBB would hold that money in one of their accounts, only to be used by and for us.  Should the BBB’s Executive Board allow for this plan, we can begin to fundraise immediately while we wait for all of our financial and IRS issues to be resolved. 


Coverage of feeder schools and public perception of two separate entities in a district

Both West parents and Chris recommitted to each other our desire and intent to serve the band programs in the Bentonville district together as one force, even as we are separate entities.  Both groups are intent on collaboration for the good of the students of all grade levels and for the good of the performing arts programs in the district.  Such collaboration could do wonders for the superintendent’s concerns about perceptions, if we are able to demonstrate that two separate entities are able to work together for the common good. 


Volunteer forms

Ashley Prejoles developed volunteer forms (attached in this email) for anyone who may be interested in becoming more involved in our efforts.  This form is designed to help identify interests and strengths so the volunteer could be better paired with an activity that would be more enjoyable and rewarding for him/her.  If you haven’t done so, please fill out the form and either scan it or take a picture of it and email it back to Ashley at artashleyp@gmail.com.


How to communicate with and reach out to more West band and color guard parents

Concern was expressed about how limited our reach is with regard to contacting other West band and color guard parents.  We agreed on two action points regarding this issue:  1.) If you know of any West band or color guard parents, please encourage them to reach out to me, so I can include them via email in any updates about our efforts.  2.)  We have a team who will be looking into how and what we can and cannot do as far as contacting parents through school contact information.  We don’t want to breach any policies, but if there are any allowances in what we can do, we should act on them.




The parents present decided on a name!!!  We are now officially the








The parents present also decided that in order to move forward, a president should be elected, so that the WBB will have immediate, official representation in all of our dealings.  The parents then nominated and unanimously elected me, Danny Prejoles, to serve in that capacity.  On a personal note, thank you all so much for the vote of confidence. 



We will continue to elect officers at our next meeting.  Attached is a listing of offices and parents who have expressed interest in leadership positions.  If you are interested in serving as an officer, please let me know, so I can add you to the list.  If a position has more than one candidate, an election will be held to determine who will serve in that position.



I will be revising the bylaws this week to reflect our new name.  If you have any suggestions of any additions or corrections to the bylaws, please let me know, so I can apply them.  We will be adopting bylaws at the next meeting.


Next meetings

The next meeting of the Wolverine Band Boosters will be held on Thursday, April 28, at 6PM.  A location has not been finalized, but count on it being in the South Building of BHS, most likely in the Band Room, the Choir Room or the South Commons.  We need as many parents there to be involved in the creation and formation of the WBB.


The next meeting of the BBB will be on Tuesday, April 26, at 6:30 PM.  It will be held in the BHS South Building, either in the South Commons or the Band Room.  


I've said it before, and I'm even more confident of it now, we are in very exciting times.  So much is happening and we haven't even ended the 2016 school year yet.  Thanks again to eveyone who was at the meeting last night.  Thanks, especially, to Mr. Ortiz, Mr. Guthrie and Chris for being there and for being so dedicated in your support of the WBB.  We are truly lucky to have you.


I f you have any questions or would like to add anything to this account of last night's events, please let me know.