BWHS Domino's Card Fundraiser

We kicked off our very first BWHS Band Fundraiser!! 

Slice the Price Domino's Pizza Card

With the card you can buy a large pizza and get a large pizza free!! The best part is you can use the card as many times as you want throughout the year and there is no limit on how many pizzas you can buy and get free. Perfect for parties or meetings. Buy 10 pizzas and get 10 pizzas free!!! Only $10 a card. 

The fundraiser is going to run until April 28th. At that time I will send off all the order forms that are turned in so the cards can get shipped back to me so we can distribute.

IMPORTANT-Students must write "WEST" on any envelopes they drop off at their respective band rooms involving this fundraiser. This will make it easier for me to keep track of everything coming in for BWHS. Turn in order form and all money together.

The money we collect is going to help support the following BWHS Band Expenses.

BWHS Fight Song (Original fight song written specifically for West)

BWHS Color Guard Uniform (must pay 50% to get into production)

BWHS Marching Band Design Costs (deposits for designers)


Incentives for all students who meet the goal of selling 12 cards.

-Receive a Dominos card free

-Receive a custom BWHS T-shirt

-Attend an early preview of the 2016 Bentonville West HS Marching Band Show Announcement