Leadership/Drum Major Auditions. Band Auditions.

Yesterday we had our very first West Band Meeting. The future leadership of West met to learn about the selection process for Leadership and the drum major auditionees began their first lesson on how to conduct. Throughout the rest of this week the Drum Majors will practice conducting until their final audition on Thursday. 

The future leaders of the West band got a special sneak peek of the uniform. I had a student try it on and show off what the West band might look like next year. 

The drum major auditionees also got to listen to the proposed fight song. I've kept it mostly a secret, Mr. Guthrie, Mr. Pratt, Ms. Abernathy and the drum major auditionees are the only ones who have heard it. 

It was really something special to look out and see the future of the West band. The school might not exist yet but the Wolverines are already gathering, to see how proud they are and how excited they are to start this journey is really something special. 


Leadership will be posted Friday. 


Audition music for next year is also posted on smartmusic. The audition music is the same for both BHS and BWHS. We felt since many students are still transitioning from one school to another (in both directions) this was the best option. A cover page will go out soon with more specific information.

Auditions will be due 4/10/16