BWHS Band Uniform and Fight Song

This past weekend at All-State one of the students got to try on a prototype uniform for BWHS next year. It looked awesome! One of the most unique uniforms I have ever seen. Although that might not be the uniform for next year it is still really awesome to be able to imagine what the band next year might look like. 

I also had an original fight song written for Bentonville West. No other school, college or high school in the world has this fight song, it was written specifically for the Wolverines of Bentonville West. It still has to be approved before we can get any music and start learning it.

Leadership information is also up. Current 9th and 10th Graders can audition for Drum Major and for the first time 8th-10th can audition for Captain or section leader. Just check out the form here!

If you are interested in auditioning for the BWHS Color Guard fill out this form here.

Parents we need your help! Fill out this form here

Go Wolverines!!