Upcoming Band Concerts

02.26.18 Pre-Assessment Concerts-

Concert Band- Meet on stage  @6:00

Symphonic Band- Meet in Band Room @6:00

Wind Ensemble- In audience w/instruments@ 6:30pm 

Performance Times- Pre-Assessment

Concert Band- 6:30pm

Symphonic Band- 7:00pm

Wind Ensemble- 7:30pm


03.07.18 ASBOA Concert Assessment

Concert Band- Must grab instruments immediately after-school and head to the commons until warm-up. Must be ready @4:30 in the commons.

Symphonic Band- Grab instruments immediately after school and store in the orchestra room. Must be ready @6:20 in the commons. 

Wind Ensemble- Grab instruments once sight-reading judge goes on break. approx 6:20pm. Must be ready @6:40 in the commons. 

Assessment Schedule- west18.png

Winter Guard Fayetteville Contest 2.24.18

MCCGA Fayettevile Contest 2.24.18

Reminder: Bring money for concessions. We are working on getting a meal donated. Itinerary will be updated once we have confirmation. Plan for concessions until otherwise notified. 

Ticket Info- Bus driver, 2 chaperones, and meal coordinator will have tickets provided.

  • Adults - $7
  • Children - $5


  • 8:45am Meet in Band Room
  • 9:15am Depart for Fayetteville High School
  • 10:15am Arrive at Fayetteville High School
  • 11:10am JV Escort to holding
  • 11:30am JV Warm-up
  • 11:54am JV Performance
  • 12:45pm JV Retreat
  • 3:05pm Escort Time Varsity
  • 3:25pm Warm-up
  • 3:52pm Performance
  • 5:15pm Retreat Varsity
  • 5:30pm Depart for Bentonville West
  • 6:10pm Arrive at Bentonville West HS

Let me know if you have any questions,


A Ortiz


Winter Guard Ozark Contest (Cancelled)

Mr. Page, Emily, and I have all spoken and we have decided to pull out of the Ozark Contest. We feel this is the best option competitively and will help us prepare for our next big show in Fayetteville.  It is of the utmost importance that we finish learning our shows and getting that done is priority number 1. We are set to make big improvements in time for the Fayetteville show and we want to make sure our shows are finished. We are expecting to have all design elements (tarps/costumes) in time for the Fayetteville show. This is the best option for the kdis and we are very excited to get the shows finished this Saturday. We are calling the Fayetteville show our "home show" so lets make plans to get everyone attending!! 

As of this post there is also a chance for snow/ice accumulations for Centerton Saturday night. We will watch this and adjust rehearsal schedules Saturday as necessary. 

We still have the following contests scheduled!

Fayetteville (Feb. 24th)

Kickapoo, MO (March. 3rd)

WGI Tulsa (March 10-11)

MCCGA Championships (April 7th)


Please shoot me an email if you have any questions. aortiz@bentonvillek12.org  Thank you for your continued support!

OFFICIAL Winter Guard Rehearsal Schedule

Good Afternoon!

The issues with rehearsal space have now been resolved for the month of February. Please disregard all schedules sent out previous to today. The official practice schedule can be found at bwestband.com/calendar

We will set-up a schedule for the month of March (once basketball season is over) asap. 

Thank you for your patience and understanding.

A. Ortiz

Varsity Schedule

Mondays from 6-9pm @DEN (Note: there will no longer be a dinner break)

JV Schedule

Wednesdays from 6-9pm @DEN (Note: There will no longer be a dinner break)

Both JV and Varisty

Fridays from 4:15-7:15pm @MAIN GYM

Saturdays- 10-1pm @DEN (No contests) 

Pep-Rally/All-State Itinerary

Pep-Rally 1/26/18

Attire: BWHS Band shirt or other BWHS apparel.

All Band/Guard students take 2nd lunch and report to the band room after eating. If you have first lunch, you must check-in with you advisory teacher for attendance before coming to the band room. Failure to check in with your advisory teacher will result in an absence. 

After the Pep-Rally you will return to 6th Period.

All State Itinerary 02/2/18 - 02/3/18

We are asking all All-State Audition students to pay $40 to cover the audition registration, and their portion of the hotel. Students may drop this off in the safe in the band room. In addition, students should bring additional money for meals. Please contact me if finances are an issue. aortiz@bentonvillek12.org

We are only providing Dinner on Friday. All other meals are on your own. 

Friday, Feb 2, 2018
9:00 AM – Depart Bentonville West High School
11:30 AM –– Lunch on the way, not provided- we will stop somewhere for kids to eat.
3:00 PM – Arrive Jonesboro, AR – Drop off Jazz Audition Students @ Annie Camp
3:30 PM – Arrive Hotel Baymont Inn & Suites Jonesboro- 2910 Kazi Street, Jonesboro, AR 72401
5:45 PM – Dinner- Pizza provided, we may travel to dinner.
7:00 PM – Back @ Hotel
10:30 PM – Room Check – Lights Out 

Saturday, Feb 3, 2018
7:00 AM – Wake Up/Complimentary Breakfast
8:00 AM – Leave Hotel for Arkansas State University Arkansas State University 2105 E Aggie Rd Jonesboro AR 72401
9:30 AM – Pick up Try-Out Card @ Audition Room
10:30 AM – Audition Material is Posted
11:00 AM – Auditions Begin (Make sure you arrive to your audition room early!) Students are responsible for their own lunch arrangements @ Reng Student Union
6:30 PM – Dinner – On your own @ Reng Student Union
8:00 PM – Leave Arkansas State University (this is an approximate time. Once ALL students are done auditioning, we will make our return) 
1:30 AM – Arrive Bentonville West High School

Below is the list of qualifiers and 1st alternates who will be traveling to All-State Auditions. 

All State Auditions 2018.PNG

If you are an alternate for All-State Auditions then please read carefully. Alternates must register between 9:45 to 10:00 am at the ASBOA Office, which is in the Auditorium, located on the 3rd floor of the Reng Student Union Building. You will then return to the same location for the alternate draw at 12:00 pm. Do not arrive for the alternate draw before 11:45 am. Those selected must have the $11.00 tryout fee ready to pay at this time. At the time of the alternate draw, the names of four stand-by alternates for all instruments except Bb Clarinet will be drawn in addition to the regular alternates to fill out the tryout slots. The names of six stand-by alternates will be drawn for Bb Clarinet. After the last tryout, stand-by alternates will be allowed to audition for any remaining unfilled tryout slots, in the order drawn. The stand-by alternates must come to the ASBOA Audition Office (Union Mockingbird Room – 3rd floor - to get an audition pass. Once the stand-by alternates begin to tryout, students who have missed their tryout will not be allowed to tryout.


CLICK HERE for the campus map.

CLICK HERE for the campus map.

WGI Tentative Springfield Itinerary (varsity only)

WGI Springfield Feb. 3rd.

Reminder: Bring money for concessions. We are working on providing pizza for the kids or getting a meal donated. Itinerary will be updated once we have confirmation. Plan for concessions until otherwise notified. 

Ticket Info- Bus driver, 2 chaperones, and meal coordinator will have tickets provided.

  • Prelims - $15
  • Finals - $15
  • Combo - $23
  • Non-Finalist Backside Seating - $0


  • 8:45am Meet in Band Room
  • 9:15am Load Buses
  • 9:30am Depart for Willard High School
  • 11:30am Arrive at Willard High School, 
  • 12:04pm Check In
  • 12:40pm Warm-up
  • 1:04pm Perform
  • 1:14pm Load tarp and watch guards
  • 5:30pm Finals Begins
  • 6:02- 7:40pm Scholastic A Finals
  • 9:50pm Depart for Bentonville West
  • 11:50pm Arrive at Bentonville West

Schedule could be updated with dinner plans. 

Let me know if you have any questions,


A Ortiz


Friday Basketball Itinerary

Below if the itinerary for Friday's Basketball game against BHS.  Please wear your BWHS Band T-Shirt or BWHS apparel for the game.  This is the one basketball game we are asking all band students to participate in.  If you have school related conflicts, please communicate those with Mr. Spaeth.

5:00 - arrive at BWHS (dinner is on your own)

5:30 - Move to Gym

6:00 (appx) - Girl's Game Starts

7:30 (appx) - Boy's Game Starts

9:00 (appx) - game finished, dismissed

Times are approximate as it depends on how long the 1st game goes and how many time-outs/free throw fouls are taken.  Students will have between the two basketball games as a break.

All-Region Auditions 1/13/18

7:15AM – Band Room Opens, Load equipment
10:30AM – TRYOUT MATERIALS POSTED (bring pencil to mark your music!)
7:00PM – DEPART FOR Bentonville West
9:00PM – Arrive at BWHS
· Our departure time is approximate. We will leave when all auditions are completed.
· Make sure you eat a good breakfast before coming to the school.
· Please bring money for concessions throughout the day.

· It will be a long day of waiting, so bring your cell phone chargers, ipods, tablets, headphones, card games, reading materials, homework, etc., anything to keep yourself occupied throughout the day (we are guests at Harrison and we must remain well behaved all day, any misbehavior will not be tolerated)

· Make sure you have everything you need for tryouts: instrument, tryout music, scale sheets, reeds, valve oil, sticks, mallets, pencil, etc.