Saturday Itinerary for Wal-Mart Home office and Pride of Bentonville

Wal-Mart Home Office Performance (Percussion Only)

Attire: Band Uniform

All percussion will take band uniforms and drums home friday night

7:00am Arrive at Wal-Mart Home Office

7:30am Drumline begins playing outside Home Office

7:50am Stop Playing and move inside the Home Office

8:00am Meeting begins, band plays at stage entrance

8:15am Band plays as intro to College Gameday discussion

8:30am Depart Wal-Mart Home Office to Bentonville West HS

8:45am Arrive at Bentonville West HS/unload drums/Load truck with percussion equipment



Pride of Bentonville Performance

Attire: Band-White Band Shirt, Khaki shorts, Tennis Shoes

Guard- All Black Rehearsal Clothing

Students will need to take instruments/equipment home Friday night. 

5:50pm Arrive and Unload (Behind BHS South Building by BHS Band Practice field)

6:00pm Warm-up

6:20pm Full Ensemble Rehearsal on BHS Skillet

7:20pm March to Tiger Stadium

7:30pm Band at Gate

7:45pm BWHS Band Performance

7:55pm Percussion Load Trucks/Depart

8:40pm Percussion/Any who want to help unload equipment at BWHS


Pride of Bentonville Schedule and Pep Rally Monday

All BWHS band students should report to the band room at 8:30am. We will warm-up and prepare for the pep-rally that is 1st period. Zero B students can leave early from class. You will need to ask your teacher for permission to leave. Your teachers will receive an email they can refer to if needed. All Band students including those with exemptions will play in the pep-rally. Please have flip-folders ready!! We will work on getting you small copies of the new fight song. Guard and others who did not receive a white band shirt will get one first thing tomorrow morning. If you ride the bus just report to the band room when you arrive.


Saturday is our performance for the "Pride of Bentonville" the schedule of events is attached below. The itinerary for Saturday will be posted soon. 


Parents! We really need your help filling the concession stand with volunteers. We agreed to staff the concession stand with 50% of volunteers with BHS. Let's make this happen!! Sign up at the link.


Have a great first day of school tomorrow!!



Tuesday Rehearsals

Good Morning!! Quick announcement. 

The BWHS football team has graciously allowed us to use the BWHS football stadium every Tuesday! This is an incredible opportunity for us because it helps us experience a real performance environment both musically and visually. We can see and hear from the judges point of view, which is something we can not do at our practice field. The availability of the stadium is a HUGE deal for us and as a result we will be moving the time for ALL of our Tuesday rehearsals starting next week from our normal 4:15-7pm to 6pm-9pm. This will be for all of our tuesday rehearsals.

Students will be allowed to stay in the band room after-school if they wish, work with others on homework, or rest before rehearsal. We will also open all Tuesday rehearsals to all parents who wish to stop by and watch the progress of the 2017 Program. 

If you have any questions please feel free to reach out.



July Newsletter


Hello, parents, family and friends of BWHS Band! It's time for BWHS BAND CAMP! While some groups are starting to meet this week, Band Camp at BWHS officially kicks off on Monday, July 24 at 8 a.m. We need plenty of parent help to make it success. And, we've got all the details in our July newsletter, attached here. Screen-shot your favorite sections for quick reference on your phone. Make sure you've got the band's social media accounts followed. And let's get ready to get this amazing year started!


If you are not receiving the Wolverine Band Booster emails please contact to get on the mailing list.

The July newsletter includes:

  • What to bring to camp - Don't forget to HYDRATE!!!!
  • How to sign up to volunteer.
  • A few Band Booster upcoming dates to save in your calendar.
  • A Q and A with Danny Page - our new Color Guard Director!
  • Instructions on how to log into student Charms accounts.
  • Fundraising opportunities.
  • Call to action - how to order your band shoes.
  • Spirit Wear is still on sale through July 31. We've got the link on how to order.
  • Contact information.

Please take a few minutes to read the newsletter, and don't forget to keep an eye on social media and the official calendar at throughout the year! Thank you for your support!

Go, Wolverines!

Click here to view the July newsletter

Walmart Shareholders Itinerary

Drumline only - here is the itinerary for next Thursday.  We also will have a rehearsal on Tuesday from 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM, lunch will be provided.

Thursday June 1st


8:00 Call time at BWHS

Run through/rehearsal

9:30 Load/Change

10:00 Depart BWHS

10:30 Arrive at Springdale

12:00 Depart Springdale

1:00 Arrive at Sam’s Club Home Office

1:30 Peform

2:00 Depart Sam’s Club

2:30 Return to BWHS

2017 BWHS Band Leadership


Woodwind – Alexis Vann

Brass – Kelly Reed

Percussion - Abby McCain

Colorguard – Kaila Thurman, Zoe Martin



Section Leaders

Flute – Jullianna Renales

Clarinet – Sydney Yttri, Bekah Black

Saxophone – Natalie WIddowson, Dylan Engholm

Trumpet – Austin Palmer, Emily Conklin, Kaleigh Gallagher

Mellophone – Luke Vizena

Baritone – Candice Hrencecin, Kendall Tweedy

Tuba – Chance Loken

Percussion – Garrett Irwin


AMP still needs volunteers for 5.13.17

Credit you earn working at the AMP can be applied to Fall Band fees.

To sign up: - please e-mail  with “GOOSEBUMPS” in the subject line.

Need at least five (5) more volunteers for Saturday's Concert 5/13/17.  Really need help from our BWHS students, parents and families.  All junior high parents and adult family members and friends can work too so please consider sending me an email that you can work this Saturday.  All you Colorguard/Winter Guard students and families; please consider as the credit you earn working at the AMP can be applied to Fall Colorguard and Winterguard agreements.  If you know some guard families that are not signed up to receive these emails, please forward to them.

This is going to be a fully staffed concert of 30-33 volunteers.  This is the same evening as the Bentonville High School Band Banquet.  We really need BWHS, our Jr. High parents, Winter Guard HS students and parents and everyone's families NOT attending the BHS Banquet to sign up.  

To sign up: - please e-mail  with “GOOSEBUMPS” in the subject line.  We will not accept replies to the email; your request to work must identify the correct title in the subject line. This makes sorting quicker, easier and lessens the potential of staffing mistakes.  In the body of the e-mail please include your name, any other workers, the student you are working for, and the school that they will be attending next fall.  Current students enrolled in High School are eligible to work at the AMP.  Rising junior high students will become eligible to work after their first day of school their 9th grade year.  ALL band parents of high school and junior high school students, adult family members (high school freshman and older) and friends are eligible to work.  Concession food is available for purchase at half price (cash only); sodas are full price (cash or card). Work hours are normally 4:45/5:45 - 10:30/11:30
Sign-ups will be on a first come basis and worker volunteers will be notified via e-mail of their acceptance.  I will also keep a list of alternates who will be notified if they are needed to work the event.  All the rules and regulations of the AMP and your responsibilities and requirements will be included in the emails notifying you that you have been slated to work the concert.
Please let me know if you have any questions and get ready for a GREAT SUMMER AT THE AMP!

TRAVIS SCOTT                                                       5/13/17                Saturday

Marching Band Audition Results

All names posted on these lists will travel both on Fridays and to contests on Saturdays. They will attend all rehearsals and will have a spot on the field on Fridays. If your name is not posted on either list it is because you turned in an exemption form. If your name is not posted and you did not turn in an exemption form and are still planning on being in band please email me at 


Friday Performers- will march pregame, halftime, and travel on saturdays

Click here for Friday performer results


Friday and Saturday Performers- These students will march pregame, halftime, and saturday contests. NOTE: 1 clarinet will be asked to switch to bass clarinet.

Click here for Friday and Saturday performer results.


ALL STUDENTS (even exemptions) will be required to sign a contract. Contracts will be posted and sent out soon. 

Please email me if you have any questions or concerns. 

Albert Ortiz

Week of 5/8/17

Section Leader Tryouts-

Monday and Tuesday we will be working around the band room no specific attire is required. Thursday we will have one on one interviews starting at 4:15pm you may leave once your interview is done. 

Monday 4:15-5:30

Tuesday 4:15-5:30

Thursday- Interviews- 4:15 until finished


Pep Band Performance Monday

8th graders will be visiting BWHS tomorrow. We have been asked to perform some pep-tunes. We will play from 11-11:30am. Wind Ensemble you will receive school business for 3rd period. You MUST return to your 3rd period class when we are finished. When you get to school in the morning find your flip folders and pep band music!!


Band Concert Friday

BWHS Call Time: 6:30pm


LJHS 7th Grade 6:00pm

LJHS 8th Grade 6:30pm

BWHS Symphonic Band 7:00pm

BWHS Wind Ensemble 7:30pm

Philharmonic Orchestra will not be performing.


BWHS Parent Meeting Next Week Monday May 15th

7:00-8pm BWHS Lecture Hall (For all parents of 2017-2018 Band and Guard Members)


Dominos Fundraiser is still going! Sell, Sell, Sell!!

Color Guard may participate in this fundraiser as well. Click here for more info.

Due Monday May 15th at the parent meeting or to your band director.


Marching Band Results will be posted soon. :)