Student Required Items for Football Games

You must have the following items by Monday August 27th. 

•    Super Drill Masters Marching Shoes (black) - if money is an issue we have shoes available to borrow for the season.
         o    Purchase at, or any other marching band shoe retailer. 

•    Any extra marching band gloves (black long-wrist polyester gloves)- purchase at any marching band retailer.
         o    1st pair is free from us

•    Sheet Music Flip-folder- purchase at Arkansas Music Works, Palen Music or online

•    WW’s will need lyres- purchase at Arkansas Music Works, Palen Music or online

•    Compression Shorts/tight fitting shorts for under your band uniform AND long black dress socks. (you must always wear normal shorts over your sliders/compression shorts when not in uniform)


Keep these items as you will use them EVERY year!

Mr. Ortiz
Mr. Spaeth

Pride of Bentonville Itinerary

Here is the itinerary for the Performance this coming Saturday at Tiger Stadium- Bentonville HS. All Students will meet at Bentonville HS North Rear Parking Lot.

Attire- white wolverine marching band shirt, khaki shorts, and tennis shoes. (bring water)

Itinerary for "Pride of Bentonville"

          11:30am BWHS Band Room opens for those who need equipment

          12:20 Truck depart BWHS

          12:45 Truck Arrive at BHS /Unload

          1:00 ALL STUDENTS MEET in the North Rear Parking lot of Bentonville HS to unload

          1:15 Warm-up/mini-rehearsal

          2:25 Travel to gate

          2:40 All at Gate

          2:50 Performance

          3:00 Dismiss/Percussion Load Equipment (students will need to be picked up at BHS

          3:25pm Percussion meet at West to unload. 

Remember, you are always representing the Wolverine Band so act appropriately.


pride of bentonville.png

Update 8.13.18

Pep- Assembly

The first day of school is upon us! We do have a pep assembly scheduled! All band and guard students need to report to the band room no later than 12:28pm (3rd lunch). If you have 3rd lunch you will need to take 2nd lunch. Teachers will be notified via the teacher announcements (or an email if announcements don't go out on the first day)

Pride of Bentonville

The Itinerary for Pride of Bentonville will be out later today. Our performance time for Saturday is 2:50pm and we will meet at BHS. We are running concessions together with BHS. Parents, please sign up at the following link. The band boosters will receive a portion of the profits from this event. ( )

Thank you Parents!!

I want to say thank you to all the parents and the Wolverine Band Booster board for putting together a successful Parent Preview!! "Not to Scale" is really starting to take shape! Our show will continue to evolve as the season progresses. Thank you for your support!

Rehearsal Schedule This Week (

Monday- 4:15-7pm

Tuesday- 6-9pm

Thursday- 4:15-7pm

Friday- 4:15-7pm

Saturday- Pride of Bentonville

Fair Share Fee

All Students should have $339 posted in charms as of Aug. 1st. The first few AMP concerts should be posted soon. If you have been working AMP concerts there is no need to contact us.

Teeter-Totter Prop

If you are good with welding/woodworking we are in need of a group of parents willing to duplicate our teeter-totter prop. We will purchase any materials needed. Contact

Update 7.27.18

Good Afternoon! 

WOW! What an incredible first week of band camp!! Students, you should be very proud of all you have accomplished this week. Parents, your children are working incredibly hard!! This week was one of the most productive band camp weeks I've been a part of! Next week be ready to learn some drill and get ready for our first mini-performance! Below is the information for our performance at First Friday as well as other events to be aware of.


Practice attire next week- Students may wear any color of shirt they like next week. Be aware, as long as lightning is not present we will plan to be outside rain or shine. In the event of rain WW instruments will remain inside in cases. Rain will not harm brass instruments. 

Wednesday- BWHS is hosting open house for schedule/Chromebook pickup. We will end rehearsal early at 11am to give students 2 hours to head to open house if they wish. Students may not be excused from rehearsal. 

Friday- The BWHS and BHS bands will be combining to perform at Downtown Bentonville's "Back to School" First Friday.  will wear their Wolverine Marching Band shirt (to be passed out next week), Khaki shorts, and tennis shoes. Itinerary can be found below. The band will be ending practice early at 2:45pm on Friday to allow for travel time. Color Guard will be staying back to continue practice until 4pm. 

4:30pm- Call time at Old High MS- Please carpool if possible. Parking is very limited. 

4:45pm- Parade to the Bentonville Square

4:50pm- Perform with BHS band at Bentonville Square

5:00pm Parade out back to Old High MS and dismiss. 

August 1st Payment- All students should have $339 turned in by August 1st. If you are working the AMP to raise the funds there is no need to email us or make a payment. We will update the charms account as soon as we get the information. 

AMP Concert 7/31/18 - Paul Nagal has asked that I send out an email requesting workers for the AMP concert on Tuesday. They are short workers and are in need of help. Remember, AMP Concerts help lower your childs band fees. High School aged students may work as well. If you can work the AMP please email SEND AN EMAIL WITH THE SUBJECT  "BLACK RAINBOW". List who can work, the student you will be working for, and that they attend BWHS. Those who work Tuesday will get first priority for the Luke Bryan Concert.

Thank you for reading this far. As a reward, here is a video of the wind players doing marching fundamentals. Not perfect but we are off to an AMAZING start!! GO WOLVERINES!!

Fundamental Camps and Fulbright Charms

Good Afternoon!!


We just wrapped up our fundamental camps this week and I have to say we are off to an AMAZING start!! All sections have been working hard preparing themselves for band camp next week and those who attended have had a HUGE head start.

Monday July 23rd is the start of band camp. This is mandatory for all students in marching band. 8-11:30am and 1-4pm. Check for more information. 

Be sure to wear sunscreen, wear athletic clothing, and drink plenty of water. 

First Friday Performance

A performance has been added to the calendar on August 3rd. We have been asked by Downtown Bentonville to perform at First Friday to celebrate Back-to-School. Students will be performing with the Bentonville Pride for the first ever combined performance! Details coming soon. 


All students should now be updated and on charms. I apologize for the delay on the Fulbright students, it was completely out of my control. 

Just a reminder that all students should have $226 in their charms account as of today. Please make sure you are staying current with payments. AMP money will be updated as we get the information. If you are working the AMP there is no need to make payments until we have updated our records. Click HERE to learn how to login to charms. 

Please contact me with any issues that may arise or if you have noticed an error on your charms account. 


The season officially starts on Monday, July 23rd! I could not be more excited for what this year is going to bring! GO WOLVERINES!



A Ortiz

2018-2019 Wolverine Band Camp

Good Afternoon!!

Monday 07/23/18 is the OFFICIAL start of band camp!! I just wanted to post a few things to help prepare you for camp in the coming days. 

-GO OUTSIDE- This is one of the easiest ways you can help prepare for some of the heat and humidity you will be dealing with. Spend some time outside. Walk the Crystal Bridges trails. Do some easy physical activity outdoors so being outside won't be such a shock. 

-Drink water- This weekend start to drink lots of water. We will give you plenty of water breaks but your body needs time to hydrate. Sunday night drink plenty of water to prepare for Monday. 

-Play your instrument- For those of you not attending Fundamental camps because you are out of town make sure you pick up your horn this weekend and play something on your instrument. 

-Below is a list of things you should bring with you to band camp on Monday. 

• Instrument (and mouthpiece/reeds)

• Black binder and sheet protectors (for your music)

• Water jug (provided by Boosters for new students and Freshmen)

• Tennis shoes • White t-shirt (for band only)

• Shorts

• Hat (this will help keep the sun out of your eyes/off your head) 

• Sunscreen

• Sunglasses

• An awesome attitude!


This year is going to be an AMAZING year. The show is awesome and we have an incredible amount of talent this year. Be ready to work!!

Fundamental Camps and Leadership

Monday/Tuesday 07/16/18- 07/17/18

Drumline Camp 8-11:30am and 1-4pm

Wednesday 07/18/18

Leadership (Brass/WWs) 9-11:30am- Bring marching instrument and be prepared to play.

Thursday/Friday 07/19/18- 07/20/18

Fundamental Camps- We will be inside- please bring marching instruments and be prepared to play. 

8-11:30am and 1-4pm- All Percussion

8-11am- All Woodwinds

1-4pm All Brass

Tuesday-Friday 07/17/18-07/20/18

Color guard Non-Mandatory Practice- 11am-4pm

Charms Online!

We have transferred Charms over to the new year. A few very important things to note as of today. 6.13.18

FJHS students have not been transferred over yet. FJHS Band is having issues with charms. 

Carryover balances from 17-18 school year will be carried over but HAVE NOT been entered yet. I will get to this as soon as possible. 

I believe you must login on a computer to make payments. I don't think the mobile version will give you the option.

Email me at if you have any questions. 


CLICK HERE to learn how to login to charms for the first time and make payments online.

Forms/June 1 Payment

Good Morning, 

The band room will be open Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday from 8-12 and 1-4. Please drop off paperwork and the June 1 marching band payment of $113. You may email paperwork to if you wish.

You may pick up dominos cards during these times as well. 

If the band room is closed or we are unavailable you may drop it in the front office for A. Ortiz. Checks can be made payable to BWHS Band. 

All Forms can be found at 

Charms will be moved to the new school year shortly after June 1. We are waiting on the junior highs to wrap up their updates. Shortly after we will send a remind and get everything updated for the 18-19 school year. Payments can be made online via charms as soon as we get Charms switched over to the new school year. 


Albert Ortiz