Letter Jacket Info

Below you can find the information regarding LAST YEARS Letter Jacket Pricing through Best Sports in Rogers.  I'm sure their prices have changed, but this will give you an idea of cost estimates.

You can also fill out the form below to request that the BWHS Band provide the letter if it has been awarded to you.

If you have any questions please contact Mr. Spaeth.

Best Sports Flyer - Pricing from 2017.   

Best Sports is located at 401 S. 8th St. Rogers, AR 72756

Letter Request Form

BWHS Marching Rehearsals

All Marching Band, percussion, and guard will be rehearsing Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday this week from 5-7pm. Below are a few answer to some common questions. 

Will we be outside? What should we wear? Yes, band students should wear a white shirt, athletic shorts and tennis shoes. Guard, should wear all black. Bring a water jug or bottle. 

Do I need to bring my instrument? Tubas, Trombones, french horns, do not need to bring their instrument, only mouthpiece. Bassoons or oboes please  bring your alto or flute if possible, unless you are planning to do percussion. Everyone else needs to bring their instrument!

Are these rehearsals mandatory? If you are planning on being in band for the 2018-2019 school year they are mandatory. If you have a conflict please email aortiz@bentonvillek12.org

Can I turn in Dominos Order forms? YES! Order forms/money can be turned in tomorrow before or after rehearsal. Any forms turned in after tomorrow will have to be sent off as a late order and will take longer. 

Who can I contact if I have a questions? Contact band director Albert Ortiz by email at aortiz@bentonvillek12.org

Get excited!!! 


Bentonville West Marching Percussion Results

Congratulations to the following students for making the BWHS Marching Percussion Section:

Snares: Ivin Pineda, Tyrone Luckett, David Paxton

Basses: Angelina Gomez, Nicholas DeVilliers, Garrett Gutteridge, Avery Milford, Logan Spink-Mullen

Marimba/Vibe: Abby McCain, Ethan Bennett, Emily Shepherd, Michaela Schafer

Rack: Caleb Blue, Olivia Ward, Connor Atkinson

Piano: TBA



BWHS Spring Concert

Details for the Spring Concert are listed below:

When: Monday, May 14th


Attire: Concert Black

6:00 PM - Arrival/Warm-up (Concert Band on Stage, Symphonic in Band Room)

6:30 PM - Concert Band Performance

7:00 PM - Symphonic Band Performance

7:30 PM - Wind Ensemble Performance

2018-19 Wolverine Band Boosters Board Candidates

Introducing the candidates for the 2018-19 Wolverine Band Boosters Board. The nominees are listed in alphabetical order, and were announced at the April 23, 2018 general parent meeting. Elections will take place at the parent meeting scheduled for Monday, May 21 at 6:30 p.m. The new leadership team roles will begin on July 1.

While not elected, many of the volunteer roles under each board member are also open for volunteers. After each position is filled, the VP will share more information about the committee chair roles and responsibilities.

If candidates would like to post more information about themselves (bio, involvement, etc..) please email info to aortiz@bentonvillek12.org

booster candidates.jpg

Last Minute Chicago Info from Mr. Mays

What to bring: 

1.       Toiletries (tooth brush etc…).  Remember, we are only in the hotel on Friday night, so please shower and deodorant up before the concert tomorrow!

2.       Concert dress will be worn to the concert (all black) – We will change into casual clothes before we load the bus.  Please bring a hanger to hang your clothes or fold them nicely.  We will keep our concert dress clothes on the bus (not under the bus).  We will change back into them after lunch on Friday.

3.       Casual clothes for Saturday (Maybe orchestra t-shirts and band shirts).  C

4.       Comfortable walking shoes and a light jacket.  There will be a lot of walking and it may be a little chilly.

5.       Snacks for the road if you would like. 

6.       Your instruments and music.

7.       A Pillow-Charging stuff for your devices.  You are responsible for securing your device.  The bus will be locked when we are not on board.

8.       Any necessary medications must be checked in with the nurse and dispensed by a teacher on the trip.

9.       Extra money for 2 meals and anything else that you want to buy.

If there are any specific things you need, please contact your director.

Don’t bring stupid things that don’t belong on a trip like this.  There is a long list.  If you can’t have it at school, it can’t be on the trip.  All bags will be checked before boarding the bus.


When you arrive for the concert, please bring your bags to the following locations:

Orchestra:  Choir Room                                 Band:  Band Room


After the concert, you should change clothes, and we will begin loading the bus.


I know we will have an awesome trip!  Please represent BWHS in the best way you can at all times. 



Mr. Mays

AMP Concert Primus and Mastedon







Our next concert of the 2018 AMP season is Primus and Mastedon on Saturday May 12th.



To sign up: - please e-mail 2018bpsampvolunteers@gmail.com  with “CZAR” in the subject line. This makes sorting quicker, easier and lessens the potential of staffing mistakes.  In the body of the e-mail please include your full nameany other workers you are signing up to work with you, the FULL NAME (First and Last) of the student you are working forand the school that they will be attending next fall.  (ALSO add if you have worked a register at the AMP before or have experience working a register).  Current students enrolled in High School are eligible to work at the AMP.  Rising junior high students will become eligible to work after their first day of school their 9th grade year (August 13, 2018 this fall).  ALL band parents of high school and junior high school students, adult family members (high school freshman and older) and friends are eligible to work.  When you go on break, concession food is available for purchase at half price (cash only); sodas are full price (cash or card). We do provide free bottled water and Gatorade.  Work hours are normally 4:45/5:45 - 10:30/11:30

The planned number of workers for this show had not been finalized.  Shows differ on the number of workers due to the ticket sales and the expected concession sales.  Sign-ups will be on a first come basis and worker volunteers will be notified via e-mail of their acceptance.  I will also keep a list of alternates who will be notified if they are needed to work the event.  All the rules and regulations of the AMP and your responsibilities and requirements will be included in the emails notifying you that you have been slated to work the concert.

If you are selected to work, you will receive a confirmation email.  In the email you will see your name (if selected) and your start time.  DO NOT COME TO AMP more than 5 minutes BEFORE your start time as you will only be signed in at your start time or actual arrival time, whichever is later.  NO EXCEPTIONS.  



Please let me know if you have any questions. 




Primus/Mastedon                                                       5/12/18                SATURDAY