Annoucements Week of 11/12/18

Playoff Game Vs. Conway

Attire- Warm clothes! BWHS Gear

5:00pm Dinner Served at BWHS

6:15pm Lined up to troop to stadium

6:20pm Troop to stadium

7:00pm Game Starts

approx 9:45pm Game Ends (Clean stands and dismiss)

Winterguard Auditions and Informational Meeting for Parents/Show Reveal Nov. 15th @8pm- Orchestra Room

Winterguard Auditions.jpg

All Region Jazz Clinic/Concert November 16th and 17th @Heritage HS

Itinerary posted in announcements

Congrats to Dylan Engholm!!

Back in April, Dylan was selected to be a member of the Macy’s Great American Marching Band! He will be leaving for New York late on the 17th and will spend the week in NYC while practicing for the Macy’s Day Performance. Participating in the Macy’s parade is a HUGE honor. Congrats Dylan!!

If you would like to contribute towards the cost of Dylan’s trip you can either reach out to me or place your donation into a donation box the boosters will have at the concession stand for the football game this Friday. All donations will go directly to the Engholm family. (these are not tax deductible). I know they would appreciate any assistance in helping offset the cost of this huge honor.

All-Region Jazz Clinic/Concert

All-Region Jazz Itinerary

All Rehearsals/Concerts are taking place at Rogers Heritage High School:

1114 S 5th St, Rogers, AR 72756

Students will need money for Dinner on Friday and Lunch on Saturday. Meals will not be provided. Clinic fee is $12 per student. Please have money ready on Friday. If money is an issue, please talk with Mr. Spaeth or Mr. Ortiz.

FRIDAY, November 16

2:00pm - Load Busses

2:20pm - Leave BWHS for BHS pickup

2:40pm - Arrive/Load at BHS

2:50pm - Leave BHS for Rogers

3:25pm - Registration - HHS Commons

4:00-6:00pm Rehearsals

Jr. High Jazz Band in the Choir Room

Sr. High Jazz Band 2 in the Rehearsal Hall

Sr. High Jazz Band 1 on the stage in the Auditorium.

6:00-7:30pm Dinner Break (bring money)

7:30-9:00pm Rehearsals

9:15pm - Leave Heritage for BWHS

9:45pm - Arrive at BWHS

SATURDAY, November 17

7:30am - Meet/Load buses at BHS

7:45am - Buses leave BHS

8:30 – 11:30 AM Rehearsals.

Same locations as Friday.

11:30 AM – 1:30 PM LUNCH BREAK. (Bring Money and concert black clothes)

1:30 – 2:15 Rehearsal and Warm-up.

Jr. High Jazz Band on stage in the Auditorium

Sr. High Jazz Band 2 in the Choir Room

Sr. High Jazz Band 1 in the Rehearsal Hall

2:30 – Junior High Jazz Band Performance

3:00 – Senior High Jazz Band 2 Performance

3:30 - Senior High Jazz Band 1 Performance


The Concert will be in the Rogers Heritage Auditorium located on the campus of Rogers

Heritage High School. 1114 S 5th St, Rogers, AR 72756.

All-Region Jazz Auditions

Auditions are happening on November 5th at Pea Ridge High School.

Pea Ridge High School

979 Weston St.

Pea Ridge, AR 72719.

Auditions are $8 per student and need to paid on the day of audition. Concessions will be available for purchase.

2:30 - Meet in band room (school business for 7th hour)

3:15 - Load Bus

3:30 - Leave BWHS

4:00 - Arrive at Pea Ridge High School

4:30 - Directors Meeting

5:00 - Audition material posted

5:30 - Auditions begin

Approximately 8:00 - Leave Pea Ridge High School

Volunteers Needed This Week!

The Wolverine Marching Band could use some extra volunteers for concessions while they are away competing in the Bands of America Super Regional in St. Louis! If you are not traveling to St. Louis would you please considering volunteering at one of these nights? No experience necessary!! Free admission to the BWHS football game! Thank you in advance for helping out!

Oct. 25 -

Oct. 6 -

Concession profits help us in keeping costs as low as possible for the students. You don’t have to be a band parent to help out. No experience is required! If you can’t volunteer personally, please ask family and friends if they’d like to help. Family members, friends and our future BWHS families and friends are also welcome to volunteer. Thank you for your help!

State Chaperones and Pit Crew

Cammy Jo McCain- Lead Chaperone

Matt Allen


Wendy Parker

Heather Conklin


Amber March

Kristi Antonacci

Kristen Black

Zina Marshall


If any of you can not make it please let me know so we can replace your spot.

If you have volunteered for pit crew in the past and would like to help push equipment then just join us when we arrive.


Photographer- Toni Hyde

Meal Coordinator- Brandie Guesz

Truck Drivers- Kendall Rush, Thadd Chambers

2018 State Marching Contest

Lunch, and Supper will be provided
•    Water bottles will be provided, however, students who want to purchase from concessions will need to bring money with them. T-shirts are usually available for purchase during these events in addition to souvenirs.
•    Bring your water jugs filled with water. 
•    Attire: Navy or white T-shirt, compression shorts/sliders (athletic shorts to be worn over compression shorts/sliders when not in uniform) and Band Uniform.

Itinerary for State Marching Contest
War Memorial Stadium- Little Rock, AR (Tickets are $10 each)

9:30am Depart for War-Memorial Stadium (1 Stadium Dr, Little Rock, AR 72205)
1pm Arrive/Lunch at War-Memorial Stadium/Unload
3pm Warm-up
3:45pm STATE Performance
4:00pm Head to Stadium to Watch bands in Uniform
5:15pm Awards
6:00pm Load/Dinner on the bus/Depart for Bentonville West HS
11:00pm Arrive at Bentonville West High School, unload, meeting, dismiss

All-Region Orchestra Itinerary

Monday, October 22

*Bring $6 for Audition Money with you

* Concessions will be available at Farmington High School

2:30 - meet in band room

2:45 - load suburban/leave to Farmington High School

3:45 - Arrive

4:30 - audition material posted

5:00 - auditions begin

Approximately 8:00 - auditions done, quick dinner in Farmington

9:30 - arrival at BWHS

Email from Kristen Black To Seniors about Senior Night

Hello, fellow parents of BWHS Band Seniors!

I can't believe it's time to begin closing the door on our last year of marching band with our amazing kids! With that comes the annual Senior Night and their chance to shine individually. Because we will not be in town for the fall sports senior night at the last football game, we are holding our own Senior Night this Saturday, October 21. It will be held at 8:00 PM at Wolverine Stadium. The students will have a practice beforehand, and at 8:00 we will start the night's program. The seniors will get their walk on the field and an introduction with you as their escorts, then the band will perform their entire show as a send-off performance before St. Louis next week. The entire community is invited to this free event. Feel free to invite everyone you know! If you check our band Facebook page, there is an event you can share on social media.

Here are the details for you as parents and escorts. 

* Your child has been emailed a Google Form to complete. This will allow them to personalize their introduction. Please have them complete it by tomorrow night. The link to the form is at

* You do not have to walk with your child; the escort selection is up to your family

* The students will be in their band uniforms. We will have a photographer there to take your group picture on the field after your child is introduced. You may wear whatever you'd like, be it dressy, casual, or West spirit gear. This is your special night also!

* Please arrive at Wolverine Stadium by 7:30 so we can get everyone in place before the program begins. I will have a table set up by the concession stand to check you in.

I think that's it -- it's always a simple but sentimental event. I will even have a box of tissues on my table. I know I'll need them and I'm happy to share! :)
Please let me know if you have any questions.
Thank you!

Kristen Black Cell: 479-640-6658