Bentonville West High School Band Leadership

About Student Leadership

Students who are selected will participate in leadership training and will work towards becoming effective leaders. Working as a team to motivate others and accomplish tasks as a group is the goal of the BWHS leadership team. Students will also expand on musical and fundamental techniques we will be using throughout the season. Leaders should expect to have the knowledge necessary to teach their peers and will participate in peer to peer teaching. Being a student leader is also a great addition to a resume when applying for jobs, scholarships, and colleges.


Please fill out the following Google Form for your leadership application:

Leadership Google Form


Drum Major(s) (2-3)

Open to Current Grades 10 & 11

The Drum Major(s) will be chosen by audition and selected by a panel of judges along with input from the band directors. The number of Drum Majors will be decided by the director at the time of audition. The Drum Major(s) will work in conjunction with the student leadership to accomplish the goals of the band. The responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Attending ALL band rehearsals, and band functions. Being responsible to the director for the conduct and actions of the band at all times.  Being responsible to the director for the execution of all band duties assigned. Assisting the director in maintaining discipline and order. Assisting the band staff with planning and special activities. Promoting band standards and ownership. Coordinating, monitoring and supervising section leaders. Insuring that rehearsals begin on time. Insuring that at the end of rehearsal, the band room/practice field is clean. Organizing and maintaining the music and drill staff books and ensuring that they are ready for every rehearsal. Maintaining student respect, gratitude and politeness (Thanking bus drivers, chaperones, staff members, waiters, etc.). Organizing and conducting the stand tunes at football games. Conducting the band in all rehearsals and performances at the highest level of preparation and performance.


Section Captain

Percussion (1), Brass (1), Woodwind (1), Color Guard (1-2))

Open to Current Grades 9-11

Captains will be chosen by interview and selected by the band staff. Captain responsibilities include, but are not limited to: Communication with all Section Leaders within their respective Section, insuring their section is staying on task during rehearsals, leading by example, assisting the band staff with rehearsals (teaching marching and music), assisting in maintaining discipline and order, and promoting band standards and ownership. Captains should maintain student respect at all times and always be an exemplary representative of the Wolverine Marching Band. They will insure that rehearsal starts on time and that every Section Leader is always mindful of their responsibilities. Captains should always make sure that section leaders have everything they need to be successful and are staying on task throughout rehearsals. They should be in constant communication with each other, the drum majors, and the section leaders.


Section Leaders (1-2 per section i.e. clarinet, baritones, etc….)

Open to Current Grades 9-11

Section Leaders will be chosen by interview and selected by the band staff. It is the section leader’s responsibility to keep in constant communication with those within their section as well as to the captain of their section. They will be the representatives for their section and will always be leading by example. Section Leaders must promote the standards and ownership of the Wolverine Marching Band and maintain good relationships with those in their section. They should make sure those in their sections have the materials they need to be successful and are staying on task throughout rehearsal. Section Leaders will be responsible for the actions and conduct of their sections at all times and will assist the band staff with rehearsals (teaching marching and music). They will also work closely with the Captains and Drum Majors to develop ways to strengthen the bond between all members of the BWHS Marching Band. Section Leaders will be utilized as assistants from time to time, teaching marching fundamentals and music sectionals.